1. I have ridiculously skinny wrists…about 5.75 inches in circumference and can never get bangles to fit (I found an online shop today though that customise bangles and stock in a range of different sizes, so have ordered 2 at 6 inches…EXCITED!)
2. I used to do crazy things when I was a child, e.g. drank a bottle of perfume and had to get my stomach pumped…GROSS.
3. Snow immediately cheers me up (I don’t know why)…I would love to go to Lapland one day.
4. When I was younger I always thought I would move to New York…maybe one day I will 🙂

5. The smell of raw fish in the supermarket makes me gag…I hold my breath every time I walk past the fish counter.
6. If I see an item of clothing that I really love I will buy it in multiple colours (my mum does the same!)

 7. I have a weird urge if I really love something, to buy 2 of it in case it ever goes out of stock (mainly with beauty products). Most of the time though, I manage to talk myself out of it!

8. I have got a reputation for ‘returning/exchanging clothes’ from my work pals, mainly because I order multiple sizes online and pick things up in store without trying them on first.
9. I have too many nick names and sometimes I can’t even remember why I have them, e.g. Wee Yin, Rio, Rio Honey, Shaun, Shauny, Shaunderella, Chantelly, Bridget, Sandshoe (to name only a few!)
10. My mum says I am intelligent but have no common sense (I disagree with this)…sometimes I open my mouth without thinking, then think – “DOH”.
11. I always think food tastes nicer when it’s off someone else’s plate (my bf’s mainly) and when I go out for dinner I always have ‘food envy’ over what everyone else has ordered!
12. I have a pea head and hats always look huge on me unless they are elasticated.
13. I love Jackie O type sunglasses but they look ridiculously huge on me.
14. I would love to go to NYFY, LFW, PFW, MFW…every FASHION WEEK!!
15. I always thought I’d be a musician when I was younger…I played recorder and Spanish/classical guitar in primary school and took Higher grade music in Secondary school (my main instruments were Spanish guitar and keyboard).
In the local newspaper with my recorder group ha
16. I talked my grandad into buying me a violin when I was about 10 and never learned how to play it…I still have it and I’m sad I didn’t take up lessons…maybe I will someday.
17. I also tried to talk my grandad into buying me a piccolo when I was little…I told him it was £20 which he thought must have been a toy one…no it was a real one and actually cost £2,000! I’ll never forget the look on my grandads face in the music store!
18. I am afraid of the dark.
19. If I could look like anyone it would be Audrey Hepburn.
20. I sometimes wish I had been born in Hollywood in the 1950s (only for the style and Hollywood ‘swept off your feet’ movie kisses!)
21. I have a weird obsession with brushing my teeth (slightly OCD with this but I think everyone has a little bit of this is them, right?)
22. I wish I was Carrie Bradshaw.
23. My auntie used to call me Chantelle Ravel when I was little because I would only wear patent shoes from Ravel.
24. I love hot chocolate a little too much (especially white).
25. I hate the thought of tinfoil on teeth!
I have been meaning to do this blog post for quite a while then the lovely Mia at Mia Alice In Wonderland tagged me in her Liebster Award post so decided to do it in conjunction with this and answer the questions Mia set also!
1.     Leather or denim?

This is a tough one but I’d have to say leather! Although I love wearing jeans, I could easily substitute for a pair of skinny leather pants…done deal! I couldn’t live without my leather jacket though!

2.     What has been your most adventurous/different outfit?

Hmmmm this is a tough one…I can’t really think of any recent ‘stand out’ outfits that have been quite out there or different. I do remember when I was in primary school though, I talked my mum into buying me a pair of ‘Art Boots’ from Shellys which were extremely different…I could also barely walk in them they were so heavy!!

3.     What has been your favourite movie release so far this year?

This is an easy one…Les Miserables! BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT RISES was my favourite release last year (just in case you were wondering 😉 )

4.     What is your typical eyeshadow shade?

I’ve got it into my head that I really only suit gold or copper eye shadow and have loads of these! I’m getting a bit better with experimentation though so watch this space!

5.     What are you most excited for this 2013

All of the little mini breaks me and the boy are planning 🙂

6.     What is at the top of your wishlist at the moment?

A pair of studded cut out boots from Topshop, that are kind of grungy looking…LOVE them.

7.     Do you prefer to wear your hair straight or with curls?

I go through phases of loving one or the other, but at the moment I am preferring straight with a lot of volume/texture (so not super straight).

8.     What is your favourite style of jeans?

High waisted skinnies…a bit of pulling in and lengthening the legs hehe

9.     What musical and which song from that musical is your favourite?

Ever since I saw Les Miserables, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it and singing I Dreamed A Dream and On My Own (sorry that’s 2 favourites!)

10.  And how are you today? I hope you’re feeling wonderful!

I am feeling just great today as it is the weekend, and am doing loads of planning for all of the mini trips I am going to be going on this year!!!

I hope you liked this slightly more personal post today, and thank you again Mia for tagging me in your Liebster Award post! If you haven’t already checked out Mia’s blog then you should as it is just great – Mia Alice In Wonderland
Would love to read 25 Facts About You so link me to your posts below if you have done any!
Hope you are having a great weekend lovelies! xx

Ps. Please excuse the ridiculous pics of me…this was my attempt at some Hollywood film star poses…hmmmmm don’t think I’d have made the cut! ha


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