Oh dear. I’ve been hauling…again. Right so I’ve come to the conclusion that as long as I lay my hoard like tendencies to rest then I can buy new stuff, i.e. as long as I sell, throw away (only old tattered stuff), give to friends or family then I can buy new clothes. That’s the plan and I’m sticking to it. Out with the old and in with the new…that brings me onto this new haul that I thought I’d share with all of you lovelies! I finally got the ‘stressed but well dressed’ clutch and some white skinnies! YES! Life complete. Well for a month or so anyway…
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Which pair of white jeans do you think I should keep? I bought two pairs with the intention of returning one pair and now I can’t make up my mind! Help a girl out 🙂
Lots of love,
Chantelle xx

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