I’m always one for trying out a new fake tan so when I spotted this at the Clarins counter in Boots, I had to try it out. Not only does this give your face a subtle glow but also the priming properties smooth away lines and enlarged pores giving you a lovely base for your makeup. I’m not one for using primers, just because I have never been 100% happy with the ones I have used but since trying this, it is fast becoming one of my favourite makeup items.
It is a kind of mousse texture that melts into the skin and leaves your face feeling velvety soft and smooths and perfects your skin. I put this on in the mornings on top of my moisturiser, before I put on my foundation (it doesn’t feel ‘wet’ so you can put your foundation on top straight away), and it gives my skin a lovely subtle golden glow that gradually develops during the day. As it is a gradual self tan, I was a bit worried when first trying this out and had visions of walking around work all afternoon looking like an Oompa Loompa but it is not like that at all, the glow is extremely subtle.
It has a slight fake-tan scent to it when you first put it on but it is not strong at all and disappears within about 5 minutes. I tend to only use three pea size amounts in the morning to smooth over my whole face and this give me just the right amount of glow but you could also wear a little more to bed at night if you have a night out coming up, or if you just want to wake up looking like a glowing bronzed beauty 😉
Have you tried Clarins Instant Self Tanning? What do you think of it?


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