FAUX GLOW…Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning & Xen Tan Absolute Luxe

A couple of fake tanning products I have been loving using lately are the Clarins liquid bronze facial self tanning lotion and Xen Absolute Luxe in Ultra Dark. Now, to say I’ve tried a fair few number of tanners is an understatement – I’m a bit of an addict. These are definitely a couple of tanning products I can see staying in my collection of favourite tanning products for a while though, here’s why…
Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning:
What Clarins say…”A unique self tanner that’s as refreshing as water and as gentle as milk”.  This has to be the best facial tanner I have came across so far. It doesn’t feel sticky on the skin or stick to dry patches and in addition to giving a beautiful natural olive glow, it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. I tend to use this just before bed, at the end of my night time moisturising routine, and apply with a cotton wool pad – about a 20p size amount does me fine. On first application, the colour is quite subtle but if used for a few nights in a row you can build the perfect colour to suit you.  The smell is actually quite nice too and doesn’t leave me with that ‘biscuity’ smell. I love how this looks underneath my foundation and I love how I only need to use the smallest amount of foundation and bronzer on my face when I use this to get the perfect colour. I bought this from Boots and got quite a hefty 125mls for £18. I’m sure if you shopped around online you could get this a bit cheaper but at £18 I still think this is great value for money considering I only use a small amount each time.

Xen Tan Absolute Luxe:
I still can’t believe I managed to find a fake tan product that I like equally as much (or more) than my trusty St Tropez or St Moritz fake tan. This stuff is just totes amazeballs (did I actually just say that? Moving on.) When first using this I found the consistency very thick and wasn’t sure how it was going to work at all. To my surprise though, after my first application I fell in love. The consistency is thick so I find it works best if I apply with my hands and rub into the skin as I would with moisturiser. The colour is also a lot different than I expected…it is a light tan/olivey colour and I must admit I expected a dark muddy colour, the kind that ruins every light coloured bed sheet in sight (it says it’s ultra-dark afterall). However, once applied it gradually gets darker, but not so dark that you look like you’ve been tangoed, just enough that you look like you’ve been holidaying in St Barts (aaaaaah a girl can dream). This also acts as a great moisturiser and smells delicious – shea butter and vanilla scents. This can also be used on the face but I tend to just stick to the Clarins Liquid bronze. The only negative with this one is the hefty price tag at £39.99, however if you shop around like me you can get this for a lot cheaper – Feelunique have this at £28.99 with free delivery, which is still quite expensive but in my opinion it’s worth it. Next on my hit list is the Xen Tan Moroccan Tan so if you’ve tried this I’d love to hear what you think about it!

Have you tried the Clarins Liquid Bronze or Xen Tan Absolute Luxe? What do you think of them?  What are your favourite fake tans?

Chantelle xx


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