I was dropped an email from Angel Jackson the other day which reminded me how much I actually LOVE my Angel Jackson satchel bags and jaguar belt! Soooo, I decided to do a little post and show you why I love them so much 🙂

Rainbow Jai: 
– Layered multi coloured snakeskin (front and back)
– Metallic silver leather outline
– Gold chain strap with navy leather entwined
                                 Disco Jai:
                                  – Layered silver sequins (front and back)
                                  – Chocolate brown snakeskin trim with silver studs giving it a more ‘edgy’ feel
                                  – Gold Chain strap with chocolate brown leather entwined
I have had my satchel bags for about 3 years but I have looked after them really well because I love them so much! From memory, I’m sure the multi-coloured one is called ‘Rainbow Jai’ and the sequinned one is called ‘Disco Jai’ – the name says it all really! Both bags scream luxury, from the gorgeous colours and textures and striking chain strap, and how could I forget that they are made with genuine snakeskin?! The bag itself (the ones I have) is box shaped and quite stiff so it doesn’t lose its shape, which I love. The chain strap can be worn over the shoulder or a cross body bag and Angel Jackson describe this style as “…the epitome of uptown chic meets downtown cool”. Now that it’s party season I have been bringing these beauties out with me a lot more. I can’t see my exact bags on the website now but they do have similar styles like this which appeared in Gossip Girl (which I think is pretty cool as I love Gossip Girl and could easily spend a whole Sunday watching the complete first, second and third season!)

The Jaguar belt is probably one of my favourite belts. I have had this for about 3 and a half years and I still keep it in the cute little cardboard box and ribbon it arrived in. I originally bought this when I saw Girls Aloud wearing them in a magazine and knew I had to have one because it is so different and unique. Since then, loads of high street stores started producing similar styled belts substituting the jaguar with horse etc, but I don’t care because nothing can beat my original! 🙂 I like to wear it when I am going out as a waist belt to dress up a plain black dress, for example because the gold is really eye catching. It’s really versatile though so I wear it over loose fitting jumpers and tops when I’m going for a casual look. I checked the Angel Jackson website and this belt has been brought back by popular demand!

If you have purchased from Angel Jackson before, they are offering customers the chance to get a 30% discount on your next online purchase if you send them a review of your bag (and they publish it on their website). My Christmas list is getting longer by the minute but I can’t help myself from adding another one of these little beauties to it!

Go on girlies, check out Angel Jackson online and tell me if I’m wrong and you don’t immediately fall in love with at least 10 bags! 😉

Chantelle xx


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