Hiii all, hope you had a lovely Christmas day and have gorged wayyyyy to much on mince pies and chocolate (like me)!

So I’m not one to shy away from the glitter nails at any time of year, least of all the festive period so I decided to post a couple of pics of one of my many favourite glitter festive nails that I’ve been wearing a lot lately!
This is so easy to do, and isn’t one that requires a lot of technique because it isn’t supposed to look ‘perfect’. All that is required is a base coat of any colour of your choice, then a little glitter dabbed from the cuticle upwards with your nail polish brush. I try to lay the glitter on a little thicker at the cuticle then thinner towards the centre of the nail to give the ‘frosting’ effect!  In the photos, I am wearing Barry M Raspberry 273 which is one of the winter shades and is a lovely deep raspberry/red and OPI Bring on The Bling which is one of my ultimate favourites especially at this time of year. I actually bought this last winter as part of the OPI Burlesque collection but you can find a similar one from Barry M here (colour np339).
Look out for another post with all of my favourite glitter polishes for the festive period coming up…and be warned, I have a few!!
I hope you like my festive nails…do you have a favourite? 

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