OK. Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the beauty that is this Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Makeup Brush set. I ordered this set a few weeks ago after missing the initial offering on Zoeva.com that had beauty bloggers in a frenzy, so I was determined to bag myself a set this time around. I discovered Zoeva brushes around mid last year and already have a few in my collection that I use on a daily basis. The 101 Luxe Face Definer and Crease brush are ah-mazing and two of my absolute favourites. Despite the cheap(er) price tag than some makeup brushes…ahem MAC, the quality is fantastic! They clean up extremely well and don’t shed, not to mention they are extremely high quality when it comes to application.
Onto the rose gold set. Firstly, the brushes themselves are beautiful and the rose gold sits so well on my dressing table, not that that’s any reason alone to buy makeup brushes but it’s certainly an added bonus! The set contains 8 brushes:
  1. Silk Finish 102: applying & blending foundation
  2. Powder 106: application of loose and pressed powder
  3. Face Shape 110: contouring with powder or cream textures
  4. Luxe Sheer Cheek 127: applying powder blush
  5. Buffer 142: applying and blending concealer
  6. Soft Definer 227: blending and blurring eyeshadow
  7. Petit Crease 231: to accentuate eye crease
  8. Wing Liner 317: for the perfect wing

The two standout brushes for me at the moment are definitely the Silk Finish brush which does extremely well at giving a seamless foundation application, and the 227 blending brush which is identical to the Mac 217 brush…only my favourite eye brush of all time! For 58 euros (around £47) this is a pretty darn good set. I know £47 isn’t cheap but for 8 high quality brushes…fetch my purse gurrl! I’m still trialling the rest but I can tell you already that these brushes are my new favourites, and pretty much the only brushes you’d need to do every makeup look if by some disaster every other brush in the world disappeared (can you imagine?!)

You can buy the Zoeva Luxury Rose Golden Makeup brush set here.
Have you tried any Zoeva brushes? What do you think of them?
Lots of love,
Chantelle xx
Ps. Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, making videos has kinda taken over recently! It really is a lot harder than I imagined to film/edit/upload videos twice per week as well as blog regularly! BUT starting today, I am making a big effort to update my blog weekly as well as doing videos…thanks for bearing with me!! 🙂
*This is not a sponsored post.

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