If you’ve followed my blog or my youtube channel for a little while then you’ve probably already heard me talk about fake tan…I’m a bit of a ‘faketanaholic’. I’m just one of those people who feels and looks better (I think) when I have a bit of a glow going on so I’m always up for a trying any new fake tans to hit the market…enter the St. Tropez Express Self Tan Mousse. St. Tropez has a special place in my heart. If you’d asked me what my no.1, can’t live without product was back in 6th year at school probably right up until 3rd, maybe even 4th year at university I’d have said the original St. Tropez mousse. After that point I ended up dabbling with new fake tans, mainly Xen tan (another absolute favourite of mines) and never looked back. That was until I picked up the newest edition to the St. Tropez family…oh my. Mind. Completely. Blown. 
The thing that drew me the most to this product is the fact that you can choose the intensity of your own tan, and the best part…you don’t have to wear it to bed. No more sticky, restless sleeps or stained bedsheets…yes, yes, YES! I’m sold.
But does it live up to my expectations? Head on over to my youtube channel if you’d like to find out 😉
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Lots of love,
Chantelle xx

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