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Around about this time of year, body shaming seems to be at it’s peak. The phrase ‘bikini body’ and ‘beach body’ get’s thrown around left, right and centre…

“How to get the perfect bikini body…”
“Summer’s approaching, time to get that bikini body…”
“Are you beach ready?”

We are all humans at the end of the day, born in all different shapes and sizes. That’s normal. We’re not meant to be the same. Yet I feel like we’re constantly being told to strive for ‘that perfect bikini body’. What is that? I don’t believe it exists. Everyone should have different ideas of perfection and what is perfect for them. We all have different lifestyles, make different choices in life and have different ideals all which affect our body, not to mention genetics so how can we possibly all be the same?!

As someone who has always been quite petite, I grew up having quite a few insecurities around my body. I wish back then I’d just have realised that it was okay to look just as I did. Nobody is perfect. And what even is perfection anyway and who is anyone to tell me that I don’t have a perfect bikini body just as it is?! I used to hate how non-curvy I am and remember dreading the ‘unveiling’ at the pool/beach on holiday…oh that dreaded moment when the cover-up had to come off and it felt like a million eyes were watching and judging my non-perfect bikini body. I used to HATE it! Now, I’ve come to terms with the fact that it’s just how I’m built. No, I’m never going to be the curviest girl and yes, my upper body will always be that little bit more petite than from the waist down but y’know what, that’s okay! It makes me who I am. We need to start learning to love and appreciate our bodies, as well as each others.

Something else I just wanted to address briefly is that in recent months there has been a lot of body confidence campaigns floating around that has actually given rise to a bit of body shaming. I’ve heard the phrase “real woman” floating around. As much as I believe the idea behind this whole campaign is great, I can’t help but feel a bit disheartened by the fact that the campaign seems to be boosting the self-esteem of women over a dress size of around a size 12, and giving a bit of a kick in the teeth to anyone who falls below that size bracket. As women, I think we should all be helping and supporting each other not bringing each other down. As a size 6-8, I’m as much a real woman as any other woman!

With all this in mind, are currently running a campaign #WeAreBeautiful to try and break the perfect ‘beach body’ trend. Summer certainly isn’t reserved for super models. It’s for all of us! Boohoo asked if I wanted to take part by donning one of their gorgeous bikinis* and shout #WeAreBeautiful from the roof tops and of course I said YES! I think this campaign is so important, so get on board ladies. Let’s support each other. We are all beautiful no matter what shape or size. All you need to do to get a bikini body is simple – put a bikini on! Don’t forget to include #WeAreBeautiful in your snaps on social media and let’s empower each other!

I also put together a little video on how to become more body confident. You’ve probably heard a lot of these things before but sometimes I think it’s good to be reminded! If you’d like to watch the video, just click here. Remember to thumbs up and subscribe if you like it!

Lots of love,
Chantelle xx
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    • 14th July 2015 / 4:32 pm

      Thanks Tegan! I know, I’m glad I’m at a stage now where I’m more accepting of the way I look! xx

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