Happy Sunday everybody, I’m in such a festive mood today! I woke up to a layer of frost on the ground this morning which makes me SO excited and is pretty perfect timing for my Christmas gift guide! I still can’t quite believe that we only have 12 sleeps until Christmas day?! I’m actually pretty organised to tell you the truth which is completely unlike me. Hopefully my Christmas Gift Guide for Her will help some of you if you’re still looking for Christmas gifts.

I tried to cover all areas – for the beauty lover, fashion lover, foodie, book worm – there’s a good ole mix so I hope it helps! Orrrr, if you’re quite organised then you might see something you’d like yourself…sorry, I’m the worlds biggest enabler! I’ll warn you in advance, there’s a lotta ‘to me from me’ gifting going on (sorry, not sorry). Oh and family and friends…do NOT watch this or I’ll find out and give you a lump of coal this Christmas. On that note I’ll leave you to enjoy the video, let me know what your favourite thing is and fess up ladies, I’m not the only one who enjoys a bit of ‘to me from me’ gifting during Christmas am I?!

To watch the video, just click here. I’d also love it if you subscribed to my channel if you enjoy it!

Lots of love,
Chantelle xx


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